Looney Lynn’s is located at the

St. Jacob’s Farmer’s Market in Peddlers Village

Looney Lynn specializes in Sunglasses and reading glasses. Unfortunately, since Covid-19 affected our lives all glasses need to be sanitized after each person tried them on so Looney Lynn decided to focus on what matters most through this pandemic, MASKS.


Looney Lynn;s side profile of booth at the St. Jacob's Farmers market
A look at Looney Lynns inside Pedlers Village at the St. Jacobs Farmers Market
Masks found at Looney Lynns

Looney Lynn’s provides a huge selection of high quality, non-medical washable Face coverings

Since masks were in such demand Looney Lynn decided to open a second location at St. Jacob’s Farmer’s market, outside.

Looney Lynn's outside booth at the St. Jacob's Farmers Market
A picture of Looney Lynn wearing a locally made shield

Hi! I’m Looney Lynn! I am wearing a popularly sold face shield made locally in Cambridge Ontario, Canada.