Happy flowers were very popular back in the 60’s in California. Most things that were popular in California made their way into Canada and became popular here as well. My parents, being in the carnival business always kept on top of the newest trends and picked this product to give away as prizes in their games. They then proceeded to sell them during the winter months at festivals and home shows. They became so popular they had lineups of people buying them. When they sold out of the Happy Flowers that were already made, they started to get their customers to make their own with the tissue paper they had already folded.

As the years went by Happy Flowers went into storage as a different product would take its place. 50 years later as I was doing some cleaning in the basement I came across a box of folded tissue paper and wooden sticks. I quickly made a flower and was so happy I remembered how to make them! (I was only about 5 years old when we sold them back in the 60’s). The next day I learned a friend was in the hospital. Knowing the hospitals frown against real flowers, I went to visit my friend taking a Happy Flower as a gift. My friend loved it! As I went through the hospital people were smiling and commenting on such a lovely flower and a great idea for a gift. Over the next couple of years, I continued taking Happy Flowers as hospital gifts to different friends whether they were male or female. Every time I walked into any hospital I would always get the same reactions from nurses, doctors, patients, and visitors. That reaction was always a big smile! Some would even comment “I wish I would get one of those!” One day, a friend who I delivered a Happy Flower to got so many visitors that commented on their Happy Flower the gift shop got the word. They came up to see it and asked if they could sell them and how they can get a hold of them. So here I am, putting together a website and sourcing the materials to make an old fad new again!

My goal for Happy Flowers isn’t so much how much money I can make it’s all about the smiles. I’d like to put as many smiles on people’s faces as possible.

Take care

Looney Lynn

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